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January 22, 2013


Dear bloody diary

Yes I know it’s been a long time but what do you expect, I’m trying to declutter the house, keep on top of everyday housework, keep the washing pile down, deal with runaway teenagers, writing a novel, this blog and working part time, doing the job I actually get paid for and then I need to keep up with my darling husbands want for sex.

If you are knackered just reading this then how the hell do you think I feel, this is my life!

Well I’m guessing you have read the start of this and gone teenage runaway?

let me explain, my 15yr old is going through what I think is an attention seeking stage and after having a stupid argument with him over using something of his sisters without asking, he told me to ‘f@@k off!’ to which I replied why don’t you F Off, so he did!

It lasted 3 hours, not really a runaway but he had packed his bag and walked out, so I left him too it, well that’s what he thought, in actual fact I drove round for an hour covering all areas I could think of .

He came home like nothing had happened, just as I had picked up the phone to dial the non-emergency police number for advice.

Panic over-phew!

I could of killed him when he came home but was not about to let him know I had been worrying and in a minor state of panic, so I just calmly stated that it was passed his bedtime and he had to be up for school the next morning.


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