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January 22, 2013


Dear Bloody Diary

Sex: my husband has an unstoppable appetite for sex, we have now got two other people involved with us, omg they are into threesomes you might say so I will put the record straight now, no we are not!

I have invented two alter egos for myself, one is a prostitute, and the other is my husband’s personal assistant, (I even had to have an interview for the personal assistant job, which I passed with flying colours), I have two different names depending on what mood hubby is in when he gets back from work, not sure how long it’s going to last, have only been doing this for five days and can’t keep up with who I am supposed to be which prompted DH to comment  ‘your Harrietta, you can’t take your glasses off yet’  this morning. My glasses were falling off as he had my head hang over the side of the bed!

Now I have these alter egos it means the prostitute gets paid, yes real money, she got £50 which is fine by me, for now anyway, as he was in a good mood he also gave me, yes me, myself, the wife £50 to go shopping with, I got £100 just for an hour of fun while the kids were all at school/college which I have not got round to spending because I have been doing everything else that needed doing, yes I could of gone shopping instead of writing this but then I would have been behind in writing.


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