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January 22, 2013


Just a quick one,

I can’t believe the price of food, trying to feed 9 of us on a reasonable budget of £150 a week is proving harder than I thought, will have to start noting down a few of my quick, easy and cheaper meals on here, so I can share with you all, I’m not saying that they will be healthy or all contain the right amount of your “five a day” but they will be quick, easy and cheap.

Right I need to sign off now, got the school run to contend with, but more on the school run later on,  will keep you all updated with my life as soon as I can, TTFN.

Dear bloody diary again!


Did not think i would be back this quick……..It’s now 10pm and DH came home and half eight so we made a quick dash to supermarket which closes at 9pm, no it’s not a 24hour one that’s why i said it closes at 9pm, managed to grab a few bits and got back, I went and collected DC4 from their club and got home just before 10pm to find hubby had, had an emergency call out, so he left as soon as I walked in, never said hi or goodbye, never gave me a cuddle, nothing, the grumpy bastard!

Its not my blumming fault he got a call out!

I had the evening all planned, my bath is run and the saucy undies are ready. I give up planning, nothing ever turns out right when I plan anyway 😦



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