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January 22, 2013

Dear Bloody Diary


Snow! bloody snow, more and more of the stuff, don’t get me wrong I like it, but not when I have to go out in it, DC17 had to go work and there was no way he could walk so I had to drive, let me tell you now, I was shitting it, we have two cars, we have a big car with 9 seats and a smaller car with 5, so I took the smaller car thinking that a lighter car may make things easier.

Let’s just say that next time It snows I won’t be going anywhere, I was driving at 10MPH and had some idiot right up my backside in a 4×4, now not all 4×4 owners are idiots but this one was, he could see I was in a smaller car, its hammering it down with snow, yes I’m driving slow, I can’t see the road in front of me ffs, it’s snowing! 

TBH I did not want too crash my car/end up in a ditch or kill myself and my DC, was there any need for him to be so close to my car bumper, I think not!

Having the “idiot” behind me was really not helping my nerves, managed to get DC to work and back home without any of my above fears becoming true, I did ask DH to collect but football was on and “what’s the point to paying for the football channels if I can’t watch them, anyway you have done it once you can do it again, practise makes perfect, you will be a pro at snow driving next year”

I am now second best to football but will be a pro at snow driving by next year!


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