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January 22, 2013


Dear Bloody Frigging Diary

Right!  I’m really not in the mood for kids to mess me around tonight, I’m tired, I am stressed its 9pm at night and I have only just had my dinner, I have been working all day on and off, getting this blog started and up to date. I have been doing housework and running around after the kids. I even bought them all a sweet each and this is the thanks I get!

In and out of there bloody beds, running in and out of each other rooms, I am not impressed at all, I have had the older ones being rude and shouting at each other so while I was dealing with them, the younger ones decided to take this as a great opportunity to mess around.

DH not long in from work, I am really, really not in the mood for this, after everything I do for them all I’m asking is that they go to bloody sleep is it really too much to ask?

It’s partly my fault our routine is all mess up as DH has been working late and part of the bedtime routine involves him, now going to have to try and tweak our routine so daddy not involved in it anymore as he is planning on working late regularly,  just another thing of many for me to figure out tomorrow. I could do with a large glass of wine right now but I have none so a cup of tea and chocolate will have to make do.

Guess what else I did today?

I bloody fell over in my own front garden!  Picture my front garden for a min, front door leading out on pathway, either side of pathway is grass, where we had all been coming in and out so much yesterday, the trodden down snow had turned into ice, so halfway down the path I fall arse over tit or is it tit over arse, no its arse over tit (or is it?),  I slip and land with a clump on the back of my head, kids laughed, I swore out loud (not one of my proudest moments) which then made my laughing children start with the Ooooooooh mummy just said the F word, so while I’m holding the back of my head, feeling a nice lump starting to develop, I finally get a “are you ok mum?” “does you head hurt mum?” and you know when you just want to cry cos now your whole head feels like it’s going to explode but  you can’t so all you manage to reply is “mummy’s fine” and we continue down the path and finally get in the car and get to school.

DH has managed to settle the younger ones and defused the older ones argument totally ……………………………………………….

………..sorry was just enjoying the peace for a bit………….

11pm All DC’s in bed and house is quiet, even the dog is quiet for a change, now to have my cup of tea and chocolate, DH can go without tonight, chocolate and sleep more important to me right now.

 Good night all.


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