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Thank fuck this weeks almost over

February 1, 2013

I have had enough, if I could escape to a private island I would of done so last night.
A quick summery of my week,
Teenagers-suspended for a day
Teenagers-late for school

No one ever warned me my lovely bouncy babies would undertake a complete personality transplant once they got the around 12/13yr old.
It’s mainly 2 of them that has caused the most trouble this week, it started off on Monday, with them both being grounded and all computers and mobile phones being taken away as they had been answering me back and arguing and their chores not being done, in fact the older one had not done his for a week so they had everything taken away.
You would of thought that was enough but no, so without their phones on Tuesday, my older boy decided he was not going to come home, once second oldest realised that oldest was not home he decided he could walk out the house too, 3 hours later, second oldest home, 8 hours later oldest still not home so I phone the police, while I’m waiting for the police, I finally manage to track him down and go bring him him just as police turn up. Police ask him what he things he was playing at and they reply from oldest was “if I’d had my phone, she would of known where I was”
With that comment the policeman looked at him and said exactly what I was thinking which was “oh grow up, will you” well oldest did not like hearing that and the smug look vanished and the police left saying I did the right thing as I was worried I had wasted their time which they assured me I had not.

Wednesday-I get a call from their school, can you come in please, we have an ambulance in the way, he had a full during sports and has hurt himself.

Thursday-another phone call from school, just to let you know, your second oldest has a day suspension from school as he was caught smoking in school uniform!

Friday-9.30am forget to check boys bedroom to see if anyone was still sleeping before I did the school run, my mistake, 14yr old has just appeared, “I think I’m late for school mum.”
No kidding son! So while I can’t wait for today to be over, I now need to take said child into school where I hope they will give him a bollocking because quite frankly, I have had more than enough this week and just want to go back to bed and wake up when it’s hot and sunny and everyone is in better moods.


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