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February 3, 2013

OMG, one of my teenagers has just told me to pack my bags and leave the house! If I had spoken to my parents that way I would of for a smack round the head or round my face. Have sent him to sleep in the shed, well until I calm down that is. Have also taken away his laptop and mobile, this all started over his smaller brother who was reading a book under the covers after being put to bed more than once my mouthy teen decided to yell at him and threaten to punch him as I was coming up the stairs, I was trying to calm younger one down as teen was butting in my conversation, told teen to stop it but he carried on so that’s how he lost his laptop. I finish talking to little one and told him to sleep and told teen to sleep also, left the room and got the pack bags and move out comment as I was about to go back downstairs.

I really don’t believe in smacking my children as I don’t think that violence solves anything but I was scared of getting a smack when I was younger so I never spoke to my parents that way, how can I get my teen to respect me so he does not talk to me like that, I can’t keep sending him to the shed or do I just move his bed out there now who ever said being a patent was easy did not have children of their own!


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