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Life never seems to get any easier

February 9, 2013

Life never seems to get any easier in my house, the 2 oldest boys had a huge punch up, I jump in to sort it and I end up with my hand slammed in a door trying to get those two to stop hitting each other! How’s that bloody fair!!! Its worked tho, as soon as i screamed in pain they both stopped to check on me. The boys then ended up watching a film and laughing with each other, while I got to sit in pain with a pack of peas on my hand!
Will just throw cold custard over them next time!

Yes I said custard-water seems too harsh and custard sound like the next best thing.
Would not rate my carpets chances with the custard tho, gonna have to think of something else for next time cos I know there will be a next time and I’m gonna be prepared even if it rice bloody pudding 😉

I also learnt a few new things this week but can’t find where I wrote them down so will post my new nuggets of wisdom when if I remember them.


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