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I bet you…..

February 12, 2013

DH has just challenged me to go an hour without my phone tonight. The rules are I’m am to go without checking or using my phone in away way an hour before bedtime, which means from 9pm till 7am I must not go near my phone, I will give him my phone incase of emergency texts or phone calls.

TBH I’m not sure i can manage to do it, I know it sounds easy but its not just an hour it’s all night, I won’t be able to check FB or twitter or any of my games or Google anything that I think of or need to check!

I think this might be DH way of getting back at me for the sex ban I had him on, I was fed up of being three different people and getting paid just took all the fun out of any sexual relations so I told him to go without until I felt he wanted me for being me, it took 10 days before it actually happened and I was gagging for it long before the 10 days was up it was about 3 days but don’t ever tell him that!

Well I only have a couple of hours to go until phone on lockdown so I need make sure everything I need to check is checked and double checked…..wish me luck…..

P.s looser has too pick up after the dog for a week.

P.P.S DH does not know that yet 🙂


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