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Day 1

February 18, 2013

First day of half term-woo hoo not as much as I love my children, I can not believe how much they argue and over the stupidest of things, “he looked at me” “she looked at me first” what do they want for us all to walk around with eyes closed so there is no chance of anyone looking at anyone! only had about 5 disagreements so far today, I say so far as we still have 2/3 hours until bedtime.
I was not very organised for this half term as we were going away but plans changed and now it’s not possible.
I spent a small large amount of money on craft stuff so I’m hoping that will be of some use for when we can’t make the park or anything else that cheaper.
If I had the money they would be in an activity club all week but I don’t so they are not.
Roll on day 2 🙂


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