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Day 2

February 20, 2013

Boys/men-why can’t they manage…..

1. To lift the toilet seat up!

2. To not pee on the seat if they don’t remember to lift it up?

3. To wipe the seat if they do pee on it?

4. To replace the toilet roll if they finish it?

5. To clean the floor if for whatever reason staring into space they manage to dribble a little on the floor around the toilet?

Have I not drummed the following into their heads enough yet?!

“If you sprinkle when you tinkle be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.”

*end of toilet rant*

Well day three of half term tomorrow and only had 3 arguments today.

Really need to get round to posting more things I have learnt today but I am thinking I should rename it, ‘things I have learnt this month’ as by the time I get round to putting it on here it will be end of the bloody month!


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