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March 16, 2013

I’m here, sitting waiting for DS17 to finish training so thought I would update now.

My first week in my job was great but so much to learn and remember, nothing is very hard but there is just a lot of it to learn, I have enough trouble remembering people’s names!

My DC have adjusted really well to before school clubs and after school clubs. They have adjusted much better than I have, I’m missing them, I only get an hour with them now by the time I pick them up and get them home for bed so in feeling like I should make it up to them at weekends but if today was anything to go by, I will be spending a lot more money on them to try and make up for the lack of time I’m spending with them which is not something I want to get into a habit of doing. I suppose I just need to find a heathy balance between it all.
I’m still pleased I have a job and my DC can see that mummy is not just for cooking, cleaning, housework etc and my older ones will have to start pulling there weight more as they are home 3 hours before I am. DH is also realising that he is going to need to start taking over something’s I am no longer able to do like taking younger ones to their out of school clubs when I can’t, his hours are more flexible than mine so if he uses that then we won’t need to cut out any clubs like we had planned to do, I don’t want any of my DC to feel they have to miss out because mummy and daddy are now both working.

Will be figuring our a few more things over the weekend, so far our morning routine is working really well, it’s just an evening one I have not quite managed, mainly due to sometimes leaving late from work of getting stuck in traffic on the way to get them, things I can avoid but things I can make allowances for somehow, someway.

Still sitting waiting, so I have time for a quick winge – why, oh why, do my children use my car as a dustbin for their packed lunch rubbish and any other rubbish found in their pockets!

Oh and before I forget I would if done a things I have learnt page but my stupid phone wiped off a load of my work and notes!!! Aaaargh!!!


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