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March 21, 2013


I forgot my child, yes you read that right, I FORGOT my child.
Forgot to pick him up from his club, omg how bad do I feel 😦
I was 45 mins late, I had turned off the lights, let the dog out, lock all the doors, went up to bed, came back downstairs as I had forgotten to do the husbands lemsip (yes man flu) while I was making it my 16yr old come down and asked where missing child was, I answered in his bed, DC16 said no he’s not as I was on his bed, oh he must be in DD’s bedroom, nope missing child was not there either, search of house starts, no missing child……..
DC16 then says “you did pick him up from his club didn’t you mum…….
Keys, car, drive like nutter through back streets to get to club, club empty, mind racing with thoughts that I would never see him again, panic phone call to the husband and just as I was about to cry, DC14 appeared strolling down the road with a grin on his face!!!
First words to come out my mouth when DC gets in car “I’m so sorry, so very, very sorry” to which he replied “no worries mum, was talking to my mate at the shop”

Now home and going to bed before I end up tired tomorrow and forget anything else!

So the bad parenting award this week goes to me!!!

Night all x


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