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Silly me!

April 8, 2013

Went to be an hour ago as I was knackered, DH already asleep, I snuggled down with my covers wrapped around me, all warm and cozy and then my phone vibrates not a text or phone call just an email and I knew it was nothing important.
Why, oh why, did it pick up my phone, yes the email was crap and now an hour later I have been playing games on my phone.
I have now gone past tiredness, I have got to be up at 6.30am for work!
What on earth was i bloody thinking picking my phone up in the first place……

Silly, silly me……..

Might have to ban myself from using my phone once I have gone to bed, or at least move my phone charger away from my bed, that way I will have to think twice, getting out of nice warm bed to check a stupid spam email or staying in nice warm bed and sleeping.

Silly, silly, silly me! (I blame it on the DC)


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