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The Art of conversation-where has it gone?

May 27, 2013

Having a simple conversation….

Simple you would think, but it’s not for me, let me set the scene for you.

Myself and DH in the front room sitting on the sofa, the tv is on, he’s also playing on his phone, the teens are in and out the front room, I try speaking, get no response,
so I try again “babe” I say, still nothing,

the teens walk in ask a quick question while I’m still trying to talk, DH does not look up from phone but he answers them.

i try again “babe” i get a grunt in reply, so i continue “how about we take the DC out tomorrow?”

“Ummm” is my reply

“Is that a yes or a no” I carry on

Silence is my answer.

I’m invisible in my own home,

I go to another room and text DH, *how about we take the DC out tomorrow*

I get an actually reply, *where were you thinking*

so we can converse via text message just not when we are in the same room, why? What happened? Where did we loose the art of conversation? And how to get it back?

I miss talking to him, we used to sit and chat about stuff everyday, we used to plan stuff by talking rather than texting.

can I ban my DH from his phone in the evenings like I have to with the teens?do I hide his phone?
Would that actually work or would he then just spend the evening searching for the phone?

Where has the art of conversation gone 😦


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