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Fan fucking tastic!

Need to be at the police station in the morning with DS 16 as a charge of criminal damage has been made against him!

Fan fucking tastic like I don’t have enough to do and I still not understand enough to be able to explain anything…..not a happy mummy tonight😡


Ok I’m slacking on this

I know I am, it’s hard work keeping up with everything and I’m trying to look for a second part time even job now too!

I really take my hat off to full time working parents who also have to juggle children and housework, I struggle enough working part time but the routine is getting better so its starting to be less hetic round here which is a good thing, organising everything the night before seems to be the way forward and double checking that when the DC says things are ready they actually mean ready and not half/some of its ready!

The Art of conversation-where has it gone?

Having a simple conversation….

Simple you would think, but it’s not for me, let me set the scene for you.

Myself and DH in the front room sitting on the sofa, the tv is on, he’s also playing on his phone, the teens are in and out the front room, I try speaking, get no response,
so I try again “babe” I say, still nothing,

the teens walk in ask a quick question while I’m still trying to talk, DH does not look up from phone but he answers them.

i try again “babe” i get a grunt in reply, so i continue “how about we take the DC out tomorrow?”

“Ummm” is my reply

“Is that a yes or a no” I carry on

Silence is my answer.

I’m invisible in my own home,

I go to another room and text DH, *how about we take the DC out tomorrow*

I get an actually reply, *where were you thinking*

so we can converse via text message just not when we are in the same room, why? What happened? Where did we loose the art of conversation? And how to get it back?

I miss talking to him, we used to sit and chat about stuff everyday, we used to plan stuff by talking rather than texting.

can I ban my DH from his phone in the evenings like I have to with the teens?do I hide his phone?
Would that actually work or would he then just spend the evening searching for the phone?

Where has the art of conversation gone 😦


Not had time to post, in between working, DC, Housework, A and E visits, Dr visits, Emergency appointments and the rest of the things that add up to my life, I have had no time for me 😦

Still not got time to post so just class this as me popping in to just say am I still here.

Results are in

Well my results are in as my title suggests and it’s not early menopause so it looks like I’m just turning into a moody bitch that sweats hot and cold alot :-/
Drs gonna do more tests but not sure which yet, not got time to see them for the next couple of weeks thanks to DC appointments and work.

On the upside I’m sitting in a pub watching a football match while drinking a cup of tea, guess who’s doing the driving tonight!

Silly dog

She is running round in circles trying to catch her tail and when she does she’s yelping as she biting her own tail apon catching it…….silly dog!

Work and DC

How do you juggle, work, DC, housework and spending time with the family?

I just can’t seem to fit everything in, if I manage the DC and work, there is no time left for the housework.
If I manage the housework and then work, I have no time left for the DC.

It feels like I’m going round in circles trying to catch my tail 24/7!

I also need to be more organised but after a day at work and then running the DC to clubs etc i come home and just want a hot bath and bed, I just don’t have the energy to be organising stuff for the morning, hence the mad panic this morning trying to find correct clothes for after school clubs today.

I will have to get more organised no other way around it, I will have to tell myself between 9.00-9.30 every evening is when I organise the stuff for next day while my bath is running so at 9.30 I can have my bath and be in bed by 10.

On another note, I have my blood fasting test tomorrow so no food or drink after 10pm tonight and no breakfast tomorrow morning 😦